The Truth Behind Teeth in a Day

You may notice many dental offices advertising the phrase “teeth in a day.” If you’re unsure what this marketing phrase means, don’t worry, you are not alone. An advertisement may claim they can replace an entire dental arch in one day. You walk in with bad teeth and leave with a wonderful new smile.

Is it too good to be true? In this article, we’ll cover the truth behind the marketing of “teeth in a day.”

What Does “Teeth in a Day” Mean?

Teeth in a day is a procedure that can replace an entire dental arch in one visit by using modern dental implants. The marketing claims you will have a new smile in one dental visit.

While the actual surgery can be completed in a single dental visit, the process may take several visits. Still, this is much better than traditional implant procedures, which could take months to complete. This makes the procedure much more appealing to many patients that may not have considered implants previously.

Replacing teeth is a complex dental procedure. You will need to meet with your dentist for consultations and preparation before the surgery.

Once the dental implants are installed, you’ll be smiling and enjoying your favorite meals in no time.

Benefits of Teeth in a Day Procedures

If you dream of having a perfect smile or have broken teeth that cause a loss of confidence, implants may be an ideal procedure. Dental implants offer a wide range of benefits that will improve your health, appearance, and confidence.

  • • Improved smile and appearance can boost your confidence
  • • Implants protect your jawbone and will give you a youthful appearance
  • • Chewing and eating will be enjoyable and easier
  • • Compared to traditional implants, teeth in a day are affordable
  • • Surgery only takes one day instead of months

The Dental Implant Process

What does the process involve? Your new implant journey will begin with consultations. Your dentist will use 3D imaging technologies to create a map of your mouth. These images will allow your dentist to accurately plan for your new dental implants. Your dentist will generate a surgery plan from the map. Once planning is complete, it’s time for surgery.

Surgery will begin with tooth extraction. Failing teeth will be removed to prepare for your new teeth. Your dentist will anchor the implants to your jawbone. Finally, your new temporary teeth are installed. Once the surgery is finished, you will leave the dentist with a fully functioning set of teeth.

The temporarily installed teeth are placeholders for your new teeth. Your permanent teeth will be hand-crafted and designed specifically for your mouth. Once completed and installed, you will be amazed at the results.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

For most clients, dental implants are the best option that will improve their health, smile, and confidence. For clients that have long-term tooth issues, dental implants are a solution that can protect their jawbone.

Unfortunately, dental implants might not work for everyone. Smokers and diabetics have lower success rates with dental implants. You may not have enough bone support in your jawbone. This could cause the implants to fail. Your dentist will go over the disadvantages of dental implants and help you decide if they are right for you.

Disadvantages of Teeth in a Day

There are surprisingly few disadvantages to using dental implants and “teeth in a day” procedures. Your consultation will identify if you have a risk of failure during surgery, and you can investigate other dental restoration options.

  • • Dental implants won’t work for everyone
  • • Implant failure can happen but is rare
  • • Permanent fusion of the implant takes time
  • • Patients should eat softer foods and not smoke during the healing process
  • • Dentists place temporary implants until fusion is complete, then they replace them with definitive ones

Final Thoughts

Many dentists have been marketing their implant procedures as “Teeth in a Day.” In this article, we covered it as technically possible to get a new smile in a day. Surgery for the procedure is completed in one dental visit. Of course, you will need to visit your dentist for consultation before the surgery. Teeth in a day is a viable option for most people looking to improve the health and appearance of their teeth.

We encourage anyone looking to upgrade their smile to research teeth in a day dental procedures.

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