Avoid Wine Teeth with these 6 Tips

Everyone loves a good glass of wine whether you’re dining out with friends or staying in for a movie night. Unfortunately, this delight is met with stained teeth and plaque buildup if you don’t take preventive measures.

Red wine contains a mix of acids, tannin, and natural dyes which are instant stain-makers for porous surfaces like your teeth. Right after a few sips, these pigments can start to settle in, causing stains and discoloration to your teeth.

Drinking red wine often turns your teeth a purple hue during the short term. But the long-term effects can cause permanent staining.

Here are 6 essential tips for both casual wine drinkers and wine enthusiasts, to increase your resistance to those red wine teeth stains.

Brush Before a Glass

Brushing after a glass of wine can cause more etching and damage to your tooth enamel because of the acid found in wine.

It would be safer to brush your teeth before going to a social event or having a glass for your weekend relaxation time. This can protect your teeth from abrasion and prevent the wine from clinging to plaques.

Avoid Drinking Both White and Red Wine

Having a glass of white wine before drinking your favorite brand of red wine may cause darker stains. White wine erodes your enamel making the stains from the red wine stick.

Keep in mind that this has stronger acidity in comparison to red wine and though it may not leave stains, it acts as a primer for red stains to last longer.

Use Wine Wipes

A great accessory if you’re an avid wine lover are wine wipes, which come in travel-friendly packs. These prevent the build-up of layers of stains on your teeth. Most of them also have tooth-friendly ingredients to gently remove red wine stains.

An alternative solution to this can be damp paper towels. You can simply keep some strips with you and wipe away the stains once you visit the powder room.

Have Regular Dental Cleanings

Good dental health also means having regular visits to the dentist, especially if you enjoy drinking red wine.

As you may know, red wine sticks to plaque and may even cause bacterial build-up. On top of that, plaque is constantly forming and clinging to your teeth by the gum line. To prevent this from happening, you have to periodically undergo plaque removal and professional cleaning.

Of course, you should pair this with proper oral hygiene by flossing and brushing your teeth on a daily basis. Even the greatest at-home dental care would still require you to visit your trusted dentist’s office to receive general cleaning.

Look into Teeth Whitening Services

Everyone wants beautiful pearly smiles – another way to preserve that is to look into teeth whitening. There are many other reasons for tooth discoloration such as coffee, tea, or tobacco – all common things that might be present in your life.

If you suffer from wine teeth and have these habits as part of your lifestyle, it would be a good decision to ask your dentist about teeth whitening services.

Many researchers say that this is more effective than your regular whitening products like strips or gels. Additionally, it is a safer option. You’ll also receive professional advice on how to properly take care of your teeth.

Consider Porcelain Veneers

If you really want to have a glowing and shiny smile then you might want to consider getting veneers. For many wine enthusiasts out there who are afraid of suffering from wine teeth, this highly stain-resistant dental porcelain will do the trick.

These last relatively a long time after application and will maintain the bright white shade. They can last up to 20 years if you have good dental hygiene! While your teeth absorb the color of the food you eat because of its enamel, veneers don’t.

On top of that, veneers can fix imperfections in your teeth’s shape and size. The fact that this procedure is minimally invasive while offering such benefits, is totally worth the while for any wine lover out there.

Avoid Wine Stains on Your Teeth

Consider some of these tips the next time you wind down with a glass of wine. Red wine doesn’t have to stop you from showing off a perfect smile!

To learn more about protecting your teeth and achieving that pearly white smile, contact Dr. Arnold today!

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