Are Zoom Meetings Making You Think about Improving Your Smile


Zoom Meetings and other video conferencing services have allowed people to keep in touch and maintain their work schedule during a global pandemic.

As much as people appreciate this resource, being on video can lead to some major bouts of self-consciousness. They can even become self-conscious about their smile!

Back when things were “normal,” people saw you every day. They know what you look like, so why are so many people insecure about showing off their smiles on camera?

Why Video Conferencing Can Make You Self-Conscious

Essentially, there are two reasons Zoom calls can make you feel apprehensive about showing your face on screen.

First, on most video calls, you see a video of yourself along with everyone else. While other people may be used to seeing your face, you only see it whenever you look in the mirror. You don’t get to see what you look like when you talk, what types of expressions you make, or the gestures you use. It’s a bit jarring at first and takes some getting used to.

A second reason for camera shyness is that you see yourself the way others see you, which is not the same as the reflection you see in the mirror. You’re so used to seeing yourself a certain way that seeing yourself in a new way can make you clam up completely.

Rethinking Your Smile? Cosmetic Procedures to Consider

Insecurity in front of the camera can motivate you to adjust certain aspects of your appearance, like the way you style your hair or choosing clothes with flattering colors.

You may feel, though, that those simple fixes aren’t giving you the results you want. Perhaps you have crooked teeth, discoloration, or chipped teeth. If Zoom has you rethinking your smile, consider investing in the following cosmetic dental treatment options.

Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth? Dental implants look, feel, and function just like normal teeth. They look great, and no one will ever know you’ve had restorative work done.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are pieces of thin porcelain that fit over the front surface of your anterior teeth. Instead of going through braces, veneers can make your smile appear straighter, brighter, and more even.

Dental Crown and Bridge Work

If you have big silver fillings or cracked teeth, a dental crown will support the teeth and prevent further breakdown. Additionally, if the crown is made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal, it will look like a real tooth.

Dental bridges restore missing teeth. They’re a great option for people who can’t afford implants or don’t want to go through implant surgery.

Dental Bonding

Using tooth-colored composite resin, your dentist can replace old, discolored fillings or repair chipped teeth. The bonding material can be matched to your natural tooth color, so they’re virtually undetectable.

Professional Teeth Whitening

The simplest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to improve the look of your smile is to invest in professional teeth whitening services. Professional whitening products are safer and more effective than over-the-counter options, which means you’ll see results faster and experience less sensitivity.

Choose the Best Dentist for All Your Cosmetic and Restorative Needs

How do you know which cosmetic dentist to choose?

First, check out their reputation. Look for online reviews or check to see if the dentist has any testimonials on their website. This can tell you if patients are happy with their results.

Second, see if the dentist has a smile gallery. This is a photo gallery of before and after pictures of their cosmetic dental work. You can see what type of issues they work with and what kinds of results they’re able to achieve.

Dr. Hal N. Arnold has a great reputation and helps his patients to achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. He’s ready to help you do the same!

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